Branded Products

Kathleen’s All Natural brand is part of the MaGi Foods, LLC mission is to deliver to U.S. and international consumers’ food products that are CONVENIENT, HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE, and TASTY. These products are composed of high quality, all natural, and gluten free ingredients and contribute to a healthy diet. And, these products are convenient to ship, store, transport and prepare. 

Kathleen’s All Natural products specifically adhere to three simple rules on ingredient statements:

  1. Simple and Naturally produced ingredients: Dried spices, dried herbs and dried vegetables
  2. No added chemicals: We do not use artificially created flavorings or colors
  3. No added fillers: We do not add flours, starches or powders to make our weights in our food products
"As a working Mom and foodie, I created Kathleen’s for my two daughters to have a natural, healthy, affordable, and convenient food option. My entire line of Quick Oats contains simple, real ingredients, less sugar, and provides a convenient breakfast meal option for those individuals that find themselves constantly on the move."
— Kathleen Mayes, Founder




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