All oat cuts are created equal...

...nutritionally, that is. Steel cut, old fasioned, and instant oats all have the same nutrition facts no matter how you slice it. 



One groat, three cuts:

Steel Cut Oats, also called Scottish or Irish oats, take the longest to cook and have a toothsome, chewy texture. 

Old Fashioned Oats, also called Rolled or Whole Oats, take less time to cook than Steel Cut. They are heated in breakfast bowls and often used in baked goods.

Quick or Instant oats cook faster, absorb water faster and have a creamier mouthfeel than Old Fashioned or Steel Cut. 

Are oats gluten free?

In their most natural state, oats are free from wheat gluten. However, most oats are processed in facilities also process wheat. Buying oats that are “Certified Gluten Free” ensures that are carefully processed in a wheat-free environment.


Are oats sustainable?  

Yes! Oats are a highly sustainable crop that require little to no irrigation and are grown between seasons of other grains.

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